Employability skills & qualifications to obtain jobs


Our programmes deliver employability skills, preparing students (Yrs 9  thru 12), with legal qualifications & skills to obtain employment.


We provide & deliver the following quality training:

  • RSA Course Victorian & National Statement SITHFAB002 (Year 11-12 Only)

  • Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety 

  • Mobile Barista Bus - We come to you & provide premium Barista training

  • Hospitality Training - Skills for Jobs

  • First Aid Training

Our programmes prepare students in 3 ways:-


1.  Employability skills & legal certifications to obtain a flexible source of income within the hospitality industry, whilst completing higher educational pursuits.


2.  Prepares students wishing to pursue Hospitality as a career & be job ready upon completion of their final school year.


3.  Barista & Hygenic Practices for Food safety prepares students for immediate employment opportunities (casual) whilst still at secondary school

Training held on your school premises


We come to you, eliminating disruption and organisational drama for schools seeking to prepare secondary students for life after school.


With increased risk, governace & compliance obligations for schools, onsite school training makes good sense.


Training sessions are flexible and can be arranged during school hours, after school hours, school holidays or upon returning from "SCHOOLIES" .


RSA For Schools, delivers specialised training programmes for school groups, on your schools premises, in a classroom environment, under your schools supervision.  Our qualified trainers are experienced in training groups of secondary school students, come to your location and have a current working with Children Check Card.